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Do you worry about what will happen with your assets after you’ve passed on? Do you lose sleep thinking about who will make decisions for you if you’re mentally unable to make them yourself? We can’t make those circumstances any easier, as much as we would like to. What The Law Offices of Wes Stover can do is help you put your plans and wishes into legally binding documents. That legal protection may offer you peace of mind, and make things easier for your loved ones if difficult situations do arise. 

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Wills and Powers of Attorney 

There are two key areas of estate planning where our office works with people. We help you draft your will, and we help you designate your power of attorney in medical and financial affairs. 


We know that it’s possible to write a will using an online template. It’s even possible to write it out on a piece of scrap paper. However, there are serious shortcomings that come with a DIY effort at writing a will. 

Working with an experienced attorney can offer the following benefits: 

  • Validity: While a will you draft on your own might be valid, it still has to conform to the basic requirements of Mississippi law. We’re intimately familiar with the laws and compliance requirements. Working with our office may make it more likely that your will can be acknowledged as valid by the Mississippi probate courts.
  • Customization: Our office can help you customize your will to reflect your unique circumstances and preferences. We’ll help you consider tax implications, and address any specific concerns or complexities in your estate.
  • Updates: Laws surrounding wills and estate planning can evolve between the time its written and when it has to be carried out. Our office can stay informed about any changes in the law that may impact the execution of your will.
  • Reducing potential disputes: A well-drafted will can help minimize the chances of family disputes or legal challenges after your passing. With our extensive experience, we can work to anticipate potential issues and help you draft your will in a way that minimizes ambiguity or misinterpretation.

Powers of Attorney 

The legal concepts of medical and financial powers of attorney (POA) play crucial roles in protecting an individual's healthcare and financial affairs if they are unable to make decisions themselves. 

Here’s how medical and financial POAs both work in practice: 

Medical Power of Attorney

Medical power of attorney, also known as a healthcare proxy or healthcare power of attorney, designates a trusted individual to make medical decisions on behalf of an individual who is unable to do so, due to incapacitation or inability to communicate their wishes.

When you appoint a medical power of attorney, you grant that person the authority to make healthcare decisions, such as treatment options, surgeries, medications, and end-of-life care, based on your previously expressed wishes or best interests.

Financial Power of Attorney

Financial power of attorney grants someone the authority to make financial decisions and manage the affairs on behalf of an individual who is unable to do so independently. This could be due to physical or mental incapacity, or simply the need for assistance in handling these matters.

When someone appoints a financial power of attorney, they empower that person to handle tasks such as paying bills, managing investments, accessing bank accounts, filing taxes, and making financial transactions on their behalf.

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The Value of an Experienced Jackson Estate Planning Lawyer

Both medical and financial power of attorney require careful consideration. It is important to choose trustworthy individuals who understand your values, preferences, and wishes. Communication and documentation play a vital role in making these concepts work effectively in the real world.

Attorney Wes Stover has over 30 years of experience helping people make estate planning decisions. He knows what issues have to be considered and what factors have to be brought up. All of this is done with the goal of giving you the most possible information so you can make a decision that you’ll be at peace with. 

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