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Through April 2023, according to statistics assembled by ATTOM Data Solutions, the number of housing in foreclosure nationwide stood at 32,977, up 8 percent from the year-earlier basis. Mississippi, the Magnolia State, whose population ranks 34th in the nation, saw 164 ongoing foreclosing proceedings in April, bringing it in at the 36th spot, with one in every 8,033 homes being in foreclosure. 

If you as a homeowner in or around Jackson, Mississippi, are on the brink of foreclosure because you’re starting to miss payments, or just making partial payments, or if your lender has already contacted you regarding your loan and ways to mitigate your obligation to avoid foreclosure: 

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Foreclosure is generally the process by which the person or entity holding your mortgage (or, promissory note and/or the deed of trust) can come after delinquent homeowners to either get the mortgage or loan back on track or sell the property to recoup their investment. 

The promissory note is the homebuyer’s agreement to pay back the loan on an agreed-upon schedule and an agreed-upon amount, which can be adjusted if the loan is not fixed and if it includes an escrow amount for property taxes or homeowners’ insurance, which tend to rise. The deed of trust gives the lender a security interest in the property and generally will include a power-of-sale clause. 

The Foreclosure Process

Though Mississippi is known for some of the fastest foreclosure processes in the nation under certain circumstances, federal law does provide some leeway that can stretch out the process. Although, if foreclosure looms, you need to act quickly and obtain the services of a foreclosure defense attorney. 

The foreclosure, or actually pre-foreclosure, process begins when you’re late on a payment, or even on your real estate taxes or homeowners’ policy.  Late fees and other charges can be added to the amount due.  

Under federal mortgage servicing laws, the lender must try to contact you 36 dates after a missed payment to discuss mitigation options, including loan modification, forbearance, or a modified repayment plan. After 45 days, the lender must put the mitigation options in writing and assign someone to work with you. 

The mortgage holder cannot in most cases begin the actual foreclosure process until your loan is 120 days past due, at which point the loan servicer must send you a breach notice, informing you that your loan is in default.  If the lender wants to foreclose, it has two options—judicial and nonjudicial.  

A judicial foreclosure takes place before a judge, who will rule one way or the other. If the homebuyer doesn’t show up, the lender will win automatically. The homebuyer does have the option of showing up to argue his or her side of the case. Most lenders, due to court costs, however, choose the nonjudicial route, whereby they serve notice of an impending sale, or auction, of the property.d

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Options to Save the Property, Including Bankruptcy

You may be able to work out a mitigation option with the lender, either temporarily until you get back on your financial feet, or permanently with lowered and/or stretched-out payments if the servicer agrees. (Remember, most mortgages are sold to investors soon after the originating lender completes their part of the transaction. After that, they just service the loan on behalf of the investing entity.) 

With interest rates rising nationwide, the window for this type of mitigation may be closing, if it was ever that big to begin with except during the pandemic. Some programs do exist for homes affected by natural disasters, however. 

The quickest and surest way to stop—at least temporarily—a foreclosure is by filing for bankruptcy. When you file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the court will issue an order known as the “automatic stay,” which prevents all creditors from collecting past-due amounts, seizing your possessions., or taking any legal action against you.  

In the case of secured loans, such as those for real property, however, the lender can petition to have the stay removed and proceed with foreclosure or repossession efforts. The filing does, however, present you with an opportunity to reorganize your obligations to save your residence. 

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Foreclosure Attorney in Jackson, Mississippi

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